Monday, April 30, 2012

A quandry...

As promised, here are the pics. First up is my newest finish: the tulip pattern:

The picture appears a bit fuzzy, sorry about that. This was a quick finish but quite enjoyable. I didn't have to do any frogging!  I will probably finish into a small pillow, after I find some suitable finishing fabric.

I've also begun another freebie design from alioka blog. It's a darling daisy pattern that has three different options for colors. This will be a Mother's Day gift so I chose the white daisy version since my Mom loves white daisies. I made a few changes to some of the colors. Some of the small daisies I stitched in a lavender--as well as the heart-- and added a few yellow stitches to the bottom of the of the design. I should be finished with it in a couple of days. This will also
be finished into a small pillow. I enjoyed this design so much I plan on stitching it in one of the alternate colored versions. I very seldom stitch a design more than once!

And now to the quandary I mentioned in the title. In the past I have created my own cross stitch patterns, and even for a time in my youth, attempted to sell them. I haven't done so for many years, mostly because with recently getting married and returning to school I just haven't had the time. However, recently I have come across one of my own designs that I had partially stitched sometime in the late 1980's. I abandoned it because I wasn't completely satisfied with it. Parts of it were quite lovely, but I decided to expand the design and wasn't happy with the results-- and there was just one design problem I couldn't solve. Anyway, here is a picture:

I like most of it, especially the fountain!  But the large tree on the left side bothers me. It leans too far over especially when compared to the straight lines on the right side. I've ripped it all out and was going to just change the color but it needs more than that. I think I have to re-design it all together. I also don't like the clouds and am planning on ripping that all out as well and redoing them.

I am also undecided about going on with the addition. This is a picture of the whole piece including the addition in the foreground:

I'm not sure I like the addition of the garden in the foreground. And then there's the problem of what to put in the middle: a pool, statue, birdbath, etc??

So, if anyone out there has some suggestions please let me know. what do you like or dislike about the design. I really need some help because I want to complete this!

Thanks and happy stitching!

Brightest Blessings,

Beth b.


  1. Oh my, Beth - what a talented designer you are! I am in awe!!! I love all of it and I especially like the blending filaments. I agrre aboutt he garden - maybe the design will be too big with the garden there? Or maybe change out the pink flowers for some other color to give it more of a balance - what do I know? Well, I do know that I could never make something like your beautiful piece of art even if I had a million years!!!! I don't think that the tree is leaning too much towards the center and I love the heron!!! I can't wait to see what you do. Maybe you can add another critter or two, like a bunny hiding among some bushes in the front? Either way - this is a stunning piece, I am so impressed!

    1. Hi Jenny!

      Thank you for your encouraging words and the advice! I think the garden is too big and the colors are too bright. I think if I scale back the garden and change some of the colors I'll be okay with it.

      I still don't like the tree and need to figure out what is wrong.

      I like the idea of adding a few animals. that may be what is missing. I'll have to ponder on that awhile!

      Thank you for reading my blog. I love to hear your comments!

      Brightest Blessings,

      Beth B.