Monday, April 16, 2012

Back from CT

My hubby and I just came back from a spontaneous trip to Hartford, Connecticut. Just out of the blue my hubby asked me if I wanted to stay overnight at a motel on Friday night. We were going to visit his sister on Saturday anyways-- so who am I to refuse a chance to get out of town for a little while?

Going to Hartford also means visiting a wonderful needlework shop in Glastonbury called Thistle Needleworks.  Needless to say I added to my large pile of stash. I was going to take pictures of the store but forgot where I put my camera! Oh well, we'll be in Glastonbury next month so I'll take pictures then. However, a picture of my new additions is below:
 I purchased two cottages of the month from Country Cottage Needleworks; February and April, Floral Fifteen from Just Nan (I've been wanting it ever since it came out!), The Rabbit's Big Day by Cross-Eyed Cricket, Squirrelly a kit by Mill Hill Beads (he is so cute--I can't wait to start him!), Night Owl; a Button and Bead kit by mill Hill Beads, Hooty; a kit by Mill Hill Beads, a Little Love; a kit by Lizzie Kate, Snow Day by Lizzie Kate (one of the Six Fat Men series), and A Sampling in the Square by Blue Ribbon Designs. I also got some gorgeous pastel colored fabric and some threads by Weeks Dye Works.

I am in love with Blue Ribbon Designs! I stitched up one of her Autumn sampling square designs recently and it was such an enjoyable stitch! I'll share a photo at some point. I love that she designs many pieces so that the stitcher can choose to stitch individual motifs as small finishes: either as scissor fobs, pillows, pin keeps or needle cases. This particular design has a peacock in it so I am planning on doing that one and finishing it as a magnetic needle holder.

I have another picture of my new finish. Flowering Crown is now done. This was such an easy and enjoyable stitch. I had very little frogging to do. It came together very quickly and the beads set it off so beautifully!

The plans are to finish this piece into a large magnetic needle case. Much like the one shown in my friend Becky's blog. Below you can find a link to her blog and the inspiration for the intended finish of my completed design:.

I love her finish and I think "The Queen of the Needle" will look splendid when completed in a similar fashion. Let me know what you think! By the way, if you aren't already familiar with Becky's blog: Becky's Stitching Hive, I encourage you to check it out. Her finishes are extra special and you can get tons of inspiration from her pages!  I literally drool every time I read her blog!

And now time for a new project! I must be on a Just Nan and rabbit kick because the new project is Dewdrop by Just Nan:
Shucks..the pic is not tilting the right way. I'll have to fix that later tonight. You get the idea at least!

That's it for now. My tummy is grumbling so it's off to make dinner. Wherever you are I hope you are having a blissful day!

Brightest Blessings!

Beth B.


  1. I am a new follower, and I love reading your blog!
    It sounds like you got a lot of wonderful stash.
    Flowering Crown is beautiful!
    Great new start too. :)


    1. Thank you McKenna! I am so happy you found your way to my blog. Welcome and I hope you find some enjoyable moments while perusing my little area of the web. I love your blog as well and will be adding it to my blog roll!

      Brightest Blessings!

      Beth B.

  2. Hello Elisabeth-I just found your blog!! :)

    Thank You for the visiting my blog again.
    You are a very talented stitcher and I just love
    the Just Nan "Flowering Crown-pattern you are stitching..
    And I admire Your stitching skills! :)
    I have been a stitcher only three years but I am totally hooked and want to learn new things as much as possible.

    Shopping at the Needlework must have been great fun..I like very much sampler of the month By LHN as well as Blue Ribbon Designes.

    Enjoy your great stash and every little x-you make to the fabric :)

    Let the Angels guide your ways,
    with blessings ,Lumiruusu
    (= my nickname ,it means a Snow-Rose)
    My first name is actually Maija :)

  3. So nice to meet you Lumiruusu!

    I am so happy that you found my blog! You actually were one of the first lady bloggers that inspired me to start my own. I absolutely adore your postings and you have given me such inspiration. I just hope that one day my blog will be as artistic and aesthetically pleasing as yours is! I am trying to figure out how to individualize the log template. I expect to make many changes to the look of my blog in the near future!

    In stitching friendship,

    Beth B.