Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kitten Stitching Giveaway

Hello friends!

This will be a drive-by post. I promise I do have some progress on My Lady of the Snow to share soon. For now I wanted to let everyone know about a lovely giveaway going on at Kitten Stitching. She will be picking the name of the winner of a lovely piece that she stitched shortly. Go on over to her blog and check it out here!

I'll be back again soon. Until then have a great day and happy stitching!

Brightest Blessings!

Beth B.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Lady of the Snow

I've been feeling guilty lately. I've been diligently stitching in my usual work area for a few months now--finishing many new projects in a steadfast and sequential order. However, I've been heartlessly ignoring a certain young lady that I picked up a couple years ago. She's been sitting at my feet encased in plastic darkness in a work basket--out of sight, but certainly not out of mind. Every time I finish a new project I hear her whispering accusingly in my ear: "Have you forgotten me?  When are you going to release me from this plastic prison and let me see the light of day once again?

I was able to ignore her for awhile , but after finishing my dragonfly sampler her impassioned pleas become more insistent and consequently impossible to ignore. So, last night I mercifully took her out of the bottom of my workbasket, dusted her off and put her ceremoniously into a set of Q-snaps.

 Without further a due, let me introduce you to this precocious lady:

This is a pattern called My Lady of the Snow by Passione Ricamo. I fell in love with her the first time I saw her;  mostly because of her beautiful gown and cloak--but also because of the snowy owl she holds in her right hand. I worked on her diligently for a couple months, but lost interest for some unknown reason. It may have been because I became bored with the predominance of cool colors: light blue, grey and silver. Additionally, there is a lot of metallic and iridescent blending filaments in it. I love the results but working with these type of threads can be cumbersome.

Here's a view of the full pattern. When my girl grows up she will look just like this:

Sigh...but by the time she looks like this I will be old and frail....hahahahaha...
So she will be my primary project for awhile. When I get listless I'll work on some smaller patterns-- but I really want to see her completed!

As promised, I am including a picture of the finished companion painting to my new drawing. This is The Derby House in Salem MA:

 Apologies for the glare from the glass. Once a painting is framed with glass it's very difficult to get a good picture!

Have a wonderful weekend. Welcome to all my new followers. I'm so delighted to have you join me on my creative endeavors!

Brightest Blessings!

Beth B.